Yelp connector?

have you looked at creating a connector for yelp? this would be EXTREMELY useful when used with the facebook connector.

Thank you, great suggestion! Has already started to build it :smile:

How do see it being useful when combined with Facebook?

yes, i noticed a few things. many times if i cannot find the facebook name i am looking for, if i can find it on yelp and then put it into the facebook connector it finds it. in addition if the yelp connector can return the phone number, then i can google the phone number and find what it matches and then put that into the facebook connector and it finds it.

also, see this link:

when doing this in large quantities, i use the similarity function attached to see how close the match is between what i am trying to find and what is returned from the facebook connector as a name. Most of the time, anything over 35% is spot on.

another trick with the facebook connector is if there is a bad match, if i can find the phone number that gives me the city and or state of what i am trying to find. many times adding the city or state to what i am trying to find zeros in on the name i am looking for.

let me know if you have any other questions.

What is your email? I can send you a preview of the Yelp Connector :slight_smile: is my email

let me know when I could try out the yelp connector?

Hi Carl,

I've emailed you the Connector file :slight_smile:

cool we will check it out now!

i am not sure why, but for some reason the yelp connector is not working at all. i downloaded and installed the latest SEO tools. it was working before, but even with the most simplest of tests it is not working at all. there is not error message, it just comes back blank no matter what.

any ideas?


Recently, the Yelp API switched to API key (located in the "Manage App" Settings page). I've updated the Connector and you can get the latest version from the Manager :slight_smile:

fixed! the yelp connector works great again!!

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