Search Volume / KWFinder API

Hi there,

since I do not own a Google Adwords Account with real search volume data, I was wondering if there is another way to pull the search volume for keywords from different countries.

E.g. the KWFinder API could work for that.

Will something like this be part of the SeoTools 8.0 update and when can we expect it :slight_smile: ?


Hi Max,

KWFinder is definitely a Connector that could be included in the next release of SeoTools. Do you have a subscription and API key you'd be willing to share in order for us to develop the connector? If so, contact me at


I do have a subscription but just realized that one needs to individually request an API key. This will most likely result in extra costs.

I'd like to find a way to pull search data with minimum extra cost involved. Might need to find another way then :smile: