Scraping Amazon Sellers

Any chance to scrape data from a list of Amazon seller pages like this one ?

I´m referring especially to “Unternehmensvertreter:”


Yes, it's definitely possible :slight_smile:

How do you want the data? Only "Bodo Stahlke" can be extracted if that is preferable.

This is awesome.
Yes, but it´s not important. I can delete "Unternehmensvertreter:" afterwards

I´ve got another problem: I would like to scrape the emails from the sellers too, but often I get this

For example here:


Can you provide a new link? That one is broken.

This one

Try this:

Can you tell me, what I have to do to scrape only one email per URL?
Thanks !

Does it not work with my Xpath? It gives only one email?

Sorry for the misunderstanding… I only want one email to avoid something like this (URLS are different sellers. I invented this example):

Still not sure what you mean. The Xpath I provided will only return one email per URL.

In this case I used the on page email scraper because the Xpath did not workscreenshot

You didnt write a correct Xpath. Try replacing the first and last '-signs with quotation marks (")

That´s what I did... Thanksscreenshot2

It has stopped working for me too. Can you try this:

The easiest would be to extract the ninth element but the email address might not have the same position every time.

I get this is in the screenshot

No, the email is in the running text provided by the seller.

If you could tell me, who I can limit to one scraped Email per URL with the On Page scraper I would go on with this solution.

How about this:


It works, but I would like to have one Email per row or the emails in different columns. To avoid the example of the screenshot. Doe

s it makes sense ? The emails are not referring to the URL

Like this? Just drag the formula down, referencing the A-column:

No. In the example you can see three different emails from the same domain ( They are all corresponding to the URL of A6.
I want:
one email wich corresponds to the URL of A6
one email wich corresponds to the URL of A7
one email wich corresponds to the URL of A8