Scraping Amazon Sellers


Yes, I understand that. The formula I'm using only returns one email. You may have used the Dump() formula which returns several matches if exists.


Ahh yes. That´s right, thanks.
Sorry for the newbie questions


I saw that the fields are in different places on any profile.

Is is it possible to extract somehow the data after "Unternehmensvertreter:" and "Ustid:" (field names are always in bold)


I'm kind of hesitant to suggest these custom Xpaths given that they stopped working earlier. But anyway:




does not work, but thanks!


@dovydasm Maybe you have a solution for this one?
Thanks !


The invalid formulas was because of bad character formatting when pasting to from Excel. This one should work:



Very nice ! Thanks !
Can you tell me why I cant get "Unternehmensvertreter" In this one? I guess it´s because its in a different place. But is there a simple solution?


Hello there! It seems like some of you were already active in scraping Amazon seller lists quite some time ago. Does any of you have them still on their discs? I'd be interested in these lists even if they are outdated.
Ideally, these lists would be from, but lists from other marketplaces would be interesting as well. Just send me an email to Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


I just downloaded the plugin, but I'm having issues returning the ranking of my store's ASIN #'s vs the amazon search ranking for specific keywords. Can someone please help?


Hi MCS, answered your PM :slight_smile:


Which data do you need ?


Which Plugin is this ?


Nathan Grimm created this worksheet using the SEO tools plugin, but I'm not able to replicate it, so I'm not sure what tool he used >>>>>

Unfortunately, I can't get my EIN's to return ranking results from the worksheet he created - Can you help?