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First of all, welcome to the SeoTools community. Your one stop shop for support, SeoTools tips & tricks and anything remotely related to SEO, SEM and online marketing.

Why not start by introducing yourself to the community?

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My name is Will and by day I work at a Swedish fintech startup. By night I'm an SeoTools ninja trying to make sure that you guys get the support and information you need to make the most out of SeoTools.

In my spare time (hah!) I like to exercise and read books.


I work at a big agency in Germany and we use seotools a lot.

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Hi! I'm from Poland and I use SeoTools for Excel since a few weeks.
It's very useful tool

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Welcome @NaNowo!

What features have you found the most usable so far?

I've started using SeoTools for Spider :wink: Until now this is my feature :slight_smile: But I'm looking forward to explore SeoTools.

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Hi, my name's Nicola, I work in a medium SEO agency based in Vicenza (Italy). I've been trying SEO Tools for Excel for a weeek and I think it's freakin' awesome!!! :wink:

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I am new here. I am a developer, who try to develop tools for the marketers on the internet. Most of the times, I try to automatize the tasks, that are difficult to do, in other terms.

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Welcome @ndonati,@MarqueriteCarmley!

Is there any feature of SeoTools you find yourself using more than others?

Hello, everyone! I am from France and I am passionate about web marketing. I have discovered SEO Tools and it helps me a lot in my work. I'd like to know more about its functionalities and I'm open to discussions on any marketing related topics. Keep up the good work!

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Hi Everyone - Just dabbling a bit trying to improve my skills before an upcoming job hunt. I'm mainly using these tools for a side project of building a tennis rating system. The system is set, but I'm trying to scrape data to have a large data source.

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hello all you experts,

i am a newbie working on an e-commerce store. getting overwhelmed by SEO information available. i am good at ms excel. is SEOTools easy to use? looking to do onpage SEO, promote my store via various channels. could anyone please give an overview how it works or an easy to understand tutorial and share their experience? i am not so much a techie, just know basic word processing. THANK U SO MUCH.

Best Regards,

Hello, all. I'm an SEO consultant, currently residing in Mexico, I've used SEOTools for a while, but I'm experiencing problems so came to seek a little help.

Hello everyone, I am an excel newbie learning the ropes and trying to become a true SEO ninja, I really want to make the most out of SEOtools for Excel

Hello, you are older than me with SEOTools, i hope to become familiar with the community.
I live in Vietnam but i am french.
I would like to give good things from my experience of analysis, it is my expert side, don't sais to the other i'am 60 years old

Hi all, I started using SeoTools recently and this has helped me in my work with the Excel, I came to this forum to learn about it as much as possible

Good Morning All,

My name is Andrew, and I am the SEO project specialist for Marriott. With out SEO tools, life in excel would be much more complicated. Not having SEO tools is Like a long distance relationship, you know it can work, but never does. I have found that SEO pro tools big step up from the trial package and I would highly recommend signing up for the PRO package.

Hey guys, I'm Matheus from Brazil and I'm trying to use SEOTools.

So far not so good, as I got my AdWords API application rejected because I was planning to use a third-party tool. So, the tool is only for people who already develop tools or other things with AdWords? How can I get past the test level of the API to use a third-party tool if Google doesn't give these for this specific use?

Thanks anyways, hoping to be a member of this community in the future.
Matheus Barreto.


I'm Matt and I work for a school-suplier in Germany and started to use STfE to analyse a few weeks ago.