New users, say hi here!

i'm angela ketty and i am work for writing service.


There is such a lot in this tool...need to focus on the important stuff! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I'm Ryan.

I work for a marketing agency in Richmond, and have a lot of interest in xPath for report automation. :smile:

Pleased to meet everyone!


Based in Northeast US. Primary analysis tool was Lotus 1-2-3 until replaced by Excel in 1991. Though there are still known bugs in Excel that didn't exist with Lotus... :slight_smile:

Started in organic research in 1998, and have been operating internet marketing firms since 2000. Client base niche manufacturers with global footprints. Client-based software migrated to internet databases with far more locus points.

Started my own R&D firm in 2005, focused on drilling into Google & Bing algorithms with 8 quantifiable criteria measured over a 5 year period, using the standard information providers as well as additional third party and proprietary subset verification tools.

Started using seoTools a number of years ago as a secondary confirmation to primary data acquisition, but Niels has turned up the heat in a major way.

The release of 6.x is far more intuitive and can easily be expanded upon through native Excel formulas and VB automation. I promised him I'd send out kudos where they are due, and here it is!

Hello - I'm a freelance music consultant working mainly for radio stations at the moment. I've been using version 5 (free) for a while to help analyse data from some websites so I can spot trends in what people are playing or asking for. But I'm trialling version 7 at the moment, loving that it's a LOT faster but keen to explore the depths of functions I haven't yet used before investing in the upgrade! I'll probably have a lot of questions... keen to help if possible too, though.

Hello, My name is Michael and I am an alcoho.... wait... Finding this addon really useful in the few hours I have used it. Already saved me a lot of time, and there is going to likely be some stupid questions coming from me before I upgrade in the trial. Thank you in advance for any help.

Hello, let's say my name is Damian. Because it is. I was hesitant to give out a real name, but come on guys it's really easy to get that information if you really wanted it anyway. I'm here because this plugin literally gets jobs done faster than full stack developers can get it done in their ETL software's. It's really amazing. My subscription ends I think in January. Hopefully we can us one account on atleast 2 machines in the future. Many of us probably use SeoToolsForExcel at work and need to take it home with us. I've been using teamviewer to get things done remotely and hopefully we can get some leeway for those situations.


so far as my experience AHREF is one of the best and accurate tool among SEO Tools. Most of the time use this tool. it helps me too much
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Hi, i'm a student french guy. Glad to be here :slight_smile: