New Search concole

Do you have any ideas when the tool will connect to the new search console?

What do you mean,

"new search console?"

I briefly looked over the release information Niels posted for the 8.0 beta version:

Are you asking about the first bullet point?

  • Connectors can now be downloaded and updated through our new Connector Manager. New Connectors will be released continously.

That particular feature is currently working. But I'm not sure what you mean by search console. There is however a search field within this connector manager that will find a connector you search for. You can literally type "ebay" as a search term and the ebay connector will filter into the view.

As they add more connectors, this console would update with any new additions. I could be wrong about that. Also, at the bottom of the connector manager is a link, I'll post it now, you can make connector suggestions or any feature you may want. This link takes you to a different different forum board. Not sure why it's separated :thinking:

LINK: Missing a Connector? What service do you want to connect with Excel?

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Thanks for the great summary of the new API library :slight_smile: Yes, when a new connector is added, it will show up in the list.

I think @seonavent might be referring to Google Search Console?

Hi, I'm referring to the new version of google search console.

I forget sometimes this is an Seo program. :smiley:

Yet it's become more useful for me as an ETL than anything else.

The Seo part is just a really big plus once I can start to use it.

Hopefully by the time I get to that point, We'll be able to run full python packages from and excel formula :slight_smile: which makes me wonder if It's been done before???

I'm not going to check. I'll spend hours that procrastinating.

It would be named differently if we name it today :slight_smile:

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