Help beta test SeoTools 8.0

Alright SeoTools fans! It's time for a new beta!

  • Connectors can now be downloaded and updated through our new Connector Manager. New Connectors will be released continously.
  • Improved UrlEncode, UrlDecode and HtmlEncode to support full unicode character table.
  • Added removeEmptyEntries option to StringJoin.
  • IntelliSense for all SeoTools functions.
  • Spider
    • Fixed memory leak and improved speed.
    • New "Range" mode where you can select list of urls from your workbook.
    • Spider now doesn't crash when finding binary files.
    • Fixed serveral other issues.
    • Spider columns can now return multi-row output. For example XPathOnUrl can now return all the values that matches an xpath.
  • New function:ParseNumber
  • KeywordDensity now handles numbers in the same way as letters.
  • Fixed issue with bulk adding proxies in HttpSettings.
  • Added case sensititive option to RegexFind functions.
  • Fixed problem with UnshortUrl not generating a timeout exception.
  • Optional parameter to control case sensitivity in RegexpFind.
  • All UI is now build for retina displays.
  • In the task pane wizards there's now an utility in the text boxes to select a cell reference.
  • Fixed issues when using Dump and Connectors that return values that begin with '='.
  • Experimental SeoToolsGetConfig and SeoToolsSetConfig functions.

New Connectors:

  • Blocket
  • CoindeskBPI
  • Deepl
  • GooglePlaces
  • HackerTarget
  • IMDB
  • Mixpanel
  • Prisjakt
  • StackOverflow
  • SwedishSynonyms
  • TripAdvisor
  • Upsales
  • Wikitrends
  • Yelp
  • KeywordTool
  • Trello
  • GoogleCalendar

Most of these Connectors you need to Download through the Connector Manager. We only ship with the most common SEO and Social Connectors.


Got it!

Thank you sir! Keep up the good work :clap::clap::clap:

Issues fixed themselves. I must admit I installed another plugin for excel and I think a restart fixed everything. So far so good. I have to use alot of the classic functions with this new version today so I'll report any bugs I run into, if any.


Great job, guys! This is a huge update and I love the new Connector Manager!

A couple requests for Connector Manager for your next update, please:

  1. Could you have it respect the folder specified by the <Connectors><Path> config setting when downloading new connectors?

  2. When I have an original connector (prior to this release) already in the folder, the Connection Manager throws the following error:
    This seems to happen whenever the xml file has no BOM, but it occasionally happens even with a BOM.

Here's an example connector that throws the above error:

What is a BOM? Byte order mark?

The manager will only handle connectors in this path:


If you resuse your old SeoTools.config.xml you might be missing this one. All other paths will be loaded but won't show up in the manager.

Will make a new build and try to add your connector. I think this has been fixed.


Hi everybody,
another great reöease!

I´ve got two questions:

  1. Could you give us some more details about the "Dump2" function?

  2. Feature idea: What about creating a connector for "" or the dictionary from "" ? I´m looking for a way to automaticly classify single terms found in pretty huge keyword phrase sets. Until now I´m creating lookup tables to group phrases using power query. It works but the matching process takes too much time and performance.

Any ideas?


The Dump2 is an experimental Dump version that doesn't rely on comments to remember the size of the last "Dump".

Here's how to request new Connectors

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I just updated to 8.0 and had to realize that all my settings are gone.

Any way to restore them?

Sorry to hear that. If you didn't check "Save previous settings" then you need to enter everything again.

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is there any way we can also reinstall the older version? Can I get the older SEO tools version?

This query for facebook stopped working, I have tried to reinstall, etc., a number of times?

=Dump(Connector("Facebook.PageSearch",B2, "PageID,Name",TRUE,1))

Hi Carl,

Replied to your mail just now. For everyone else noticing the same thing, its because of Facebook limiting the API for both Facebook and Instagram. Have updated the Facebook Connector.