Need Advice On How To Use XpathOnURL To Scrape Paid Ads On Google


I could have sworn I was able to do this in the past, but I haven't done this in quite a while and no matter what type of Xpath I try to use, I'm getting blank results.

Anyone know an Xpath(s) that will return stuff like the title, description, display URL, etc...?

Thanks in advance!



Have you tried the "Google Search" Connector located in the SEO category? It has a function for Ads.

  • you should scrape slow, very very slow - otherwise you're banned fast. My experience value - one url per minimum 35 seconds (random between 25 amd 65 seconds)
  • try to use this XPath: //*[@id="rhs_block"] for the ads block on the right


I have, and I started a thread about some bugs I seem to be having with this.