Bugs With Google Search Connector

When I try to use the Google Search Connector to do some research on Ads, I am running into the following problems:

  1. Sometimes I am getting an error message, and it just won't work at all. So far, clearing my SeoToolsForExcel cache and restarting Excel seems to fix this though. Screenshot below...


  1. When it does work, it's not catching all of the sponsored ads. In addition, it's often missing the title and descriptions for the ads it does capture.




Hi Tom,

Thanks for bringing this up. Haven't reviewed the Google Search Connector for some time.

Hopefully the bug you describe with restarting will be fixed in the next release which will be available shortly.

Capturing the ads is very tricky, and Google has introduced additional variants of presenting ads which means new html formats. When I wrote the connector, it was meant to capture the "text-based" ads. Will look into ways of scraping the "image-based" ads. Here is an example of three different types: