Google My Business


I wanted to see if there was a plan to include a Google My Business API connector in future. I want to be able to pull my local listings data out of GMB.

Thanks for all the great work!


Hi Ben,

Yes, Google My Business API is on the radar. Do you have an account we can borrow when building the Connector? Let me know at

Hey Victor, Yes I have an account you can use, just let me know. Looking forward to it!

Hi Victor,

Any news about the API connector for Google My Business? I have the same question as Ben.

Unfortunately not, we didn't manage to get access to the API because each customer must apply. Do you have access? If so, I'd like to continue with the connector plans.

Hi Victor,

Unfortunately not. I know there is a connector with Google Data Studio from Jepto but the amount of data it is able to pull out of GMB is very limited.

Maybe you can take a look at their connector.

You can apply for a developer access to the API but users will have to use oAuth through the addin to get their data. The documentation shows you what you can get of data.

Hi @diskborste, just wondering if you made any headway with the Google Business Connector.

Nope, the Google MyBusiness API does not allow for a connector unfortunately.