Getting monitored keyword rankings from Sistrix

As Sistrix now has taken over SEOlytics it would be very helpful to have the monitored keyword rankings feature for Sistrix.

I will look into this for a future release.


Try the updated Sistrix connector by @diskborte in the latest beta release:


It still doesn't provide what I need. I want to get the rankings for keywords I stored in my account. Just as it was done with SEOlytics.


We have implemented the optimizer.ranking method via the Sistrix API. From what I can tell, this is the only method to access individual keywords.

This function is labeled Project keywords ranking in SeoTools. Did you try it, and if so, selected a project to extract keywords from?

Now it works, but it always shows just one keyword, independently how many max results I define.

Thank you for noticing this bug. I've fixed the connector and it will be included in the next release. If you don't want to wait, please save the following code as "Sistrix.xml" and replace the original file in SeoTools for Excel\connectors:

It works, thanks!

But each keyword will be shown multiple times, depending on how high the max results are.
When I define 5000 max results I only get 50 unique keyword rankings, means I never get all my keywords.

You are correct. The "offset"-parameter is broken for this API-request. Probably outdated Sistrix API-documentation.

I've updated the connector so you can chose how many keywords you want to receive. Hope it works, and thanks for noticing these bugs.

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Now everything works :smiley: Thank you very much for the quick fixes!

To make it even more user-friendly, it would be very helpful to only get keywords for certain tags.

That is excellent advice :slight_smile:

You can find an updated connector with tag-filter support below.

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Great, it works fine :ok_hand: