CheckBacklink not fetching all backlinks


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I copy paste:

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I am trying to use the CheckBacklink function but in several cases it does not find the href even when I see it on the source code. Is this a known error?

As an alternative, I also tried
but the cell becomes blank, what should appear on the cell once the link is found?

November 4

That page doesn't exists any more.
Can you give an example of a CheckBacklink formula that you think is wrong?

November 5

An example:


Gives a "Failed:No link with href found" response; but you can see the link is there. This happens in some other cases where I see the link in the source code and in html.


Gives no more response than an empty cell for all the cases, even when CheckBacklink function works fine. What should be the expected behavior?


This page loads its data through javascript.

Look at the source for This is what SeoTools sees:

So XPathOnUrl and CheckBacklinks can't find what you're looking for.

Also for second argument to CheckBacklink you need to supply the exact url you expect to find on the page.

Note sure what you're trying to do? Are you the SEO manager of this website?


That explains!

Thanks as well for the Xpath explanation!