Can't get Google Search to work. Always NULL


I can't get Google Search (Domain Indexed Pages and Number of Results) connector to work. It always returns NULL.

What I tried:

  • Reinstall the updated version of SEOTools
  • Used proxies
  • Didn't use proxies
  • Tried different proxies
  • Turned off/on the VPN on my PC with and without proxies

Nothing helped.
Although the Search Results connector works perfectly.

What else should I try to do to make it work?

Hi, thank you for noticing this. Google had changed some HTML structure. You can update the connector from the Manager and it should work.

Should I update it manually? If yes, how?

Because the Manager panel doesn't show any updates

Do you have latest Seotools version (released yesterday)? Otherwise you will not see the update. Here is a link (contains the Google Search fix):

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