YouTube Video Statistics - Video ID


The view YouTube / Video Statistics requires a single Video ID. Is it possible to enter multiple Video IDs, to return a list of video statistics rather than stats for a single video?

Here is a screen shot:


The easiest way is to use a formula and expand it to a list of video IDs. Some API:s allow multiple inputs and we usually make it possible to enter a list in that case. However, when there's only one input per request, it is most stable to use a formula because of errors etc.

I see you already have Formula checked in your example. To change the formula to reference a cell, just replace the Video ID with the cell reference and remove the quotes because it's not a string input.


I realize this is outside the scope of support but can you give me a suggestion how to setup a lookup in the formula to iterate through a list of video IDs on a spreadsheet so I can get a list of durations for multiple videos? Thank you!


Sure, like this: