XpathOnUrl returns empty cell, I am trying to scrape Name, Location and experience from linkedin


I am trying to scrape Name, Location, experience etc from Linkedin.
I have searched specific people on linkedin using google search. I have to go to each link in google results and copy paste the information i need.
I am using XpathOnUrl for this purpose but I am getting empty cell instead of results, although i am able to scrape linkedin profile links from google search results.
Google search page url is: https://www.google.com.pk/search?q=marketing+manager+"ge+healthcare"+“Current.”+site:linkedin.com/in/+-uk+-sg&biw=1366&bih=362&noj=1&ei=BYsDV4vYEoe90gSLkoegBQ&start=440&sa=N

I used code =Dump(XPathOnUrl(https://www.google.com.pk/search?q=marketing+manager+%22ge+healthcare%22+%E2%80%9CCurrent.%E2%80%9D+site:linkedin.com/in/+-uk+-sg&biw=1366&bih=362&noj=1&ei=BYsDV4vYEoe90gSLkoegBQ&start=440&sa=N,"//h3[@class='r']/a","href"))
It worked and returned 10 linkedin profile links which is what i needed.
Now i want to further use XpathOnUrl on each of this linkedin url to go and scrape Name, Location, Experience.

For scraping name i am using code: =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url , "//*[@id='name']/h1/span/span")
It returns empty cell. No error just empty cell. I have also tried changing @id='name' with @class='name' but no success.

Help in this regard is much appriciated.


Try the following Xpath, it works for me:

Name =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url ,"///div[1]/div[2]/div[1]/h2/a/span")
Location =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url ,"//
Bio =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url ,"//
Followers =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url ,"///div//strong")
Present Job =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url ,"///td/ol/li")
Market =XPathOnUrl( linkedin_url ,"//


Thanks a lot for the help. Really appriciate it.

Every thing is working in this code now accept 'Name'. Btw i didn't see any h2 tag in codes for 'Name'

Here is the page script which is shown to me http://prntscr.com/ars55l

Can't figure it out i also changed the code for name but didn't work.

Thanks in advace.


Well they say try try again and never lose hope.

I tried again and again and figured this code out which works for name.
=XPathOnUrl( Linkedin_URL,"///div//h1")

In case anyone else needed.


Thanks for the samples. I try to get XPathOnURL working for followers on a public Company Page.
I had a formula that worked for a few years, but it stopped working, so I am trying to find a new version.

I had no luck with the sample above.

The old formula was:
=XPathOnUrl("https://www.linkedin.com/company/mediafiler", "//*[@id='biz-follow-mod']/div/div/p/a/strong")

I tried these new ones but they keep returning blank cells. No error messages only blank cells:

=XPathOnUrl("https://www.linkedin.com/company/mediafiler", "//[@id='biz-follow-mod']/div/div/p")

Any ideas? Help would be very appreciated!


These work perfectly fine. However, unable to get the contact number and email id.
I am trying with following
Contact Number XPathOnUrl(linkedinURL,"//table[2]/tbody/tr[td]")
Email Id XPathOnUrl(linkedinURL,"//div[2]/div/div[2]/div[1]/table[1]/tbody/tr[td]")

Kindly guide how to get contact Number and Email Id. I am trying only with my connections at Linkedin.


Can you provide URL samples?


I'm also having issues getting data from any LinkedIn profiles after they made the Gui change, some time ago I was able to get name, location, title, summary but not anymore.


I was able to get this to work, as an example:

=Dump(XPathOnUrl("https://www.google.com/search?num=100&q=privia+health+site%3Alinkedin.com/in", "//h3[@class='r']/a", "href"))

however, what is odd is that using this technique and creating several columns such as this:


it never goes above 500 found.

is this a limitation of SEO Tools or?


Do you mean changing the pagination numbers to 300, 400 etc? SeoTools scrapes whatever is found on the page so I don't see a limitation. Perhaps something has changed in the DOM for search results above 500?


seems like you can't scrape from linkedin anymore. if not, can someone show me how to scrape JS enabled sites with PhantomJs? i tried it on linkedin but it's not working on any profile page. any help?