Xpathonurl not picking up certain elements



I am trying to pick up the below element in the picture from website: https://folders.co.nz/collections/built-in-ovens


I'm trying to get the products to dump one after the other in their html form with the following expression:
This is not picking up any information around the model number and pricing etc. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for your help


This is because the product data is fetched from Javascript after the original HTML has loaded. This can be solved using the Phantom JS Cloud connector which is a headless browser and loads the site/scripts before the XPath request:


Awesome! Thanks for the help. I have got PhantomJs Cloud working and API key etc, plus can load the page as per your example. Using VBA in excel, how can I apply this connector to all the pages I want off this website?


Great! :slight_smile: Here is a guide to get you started with VBA, first disable async (to enable VBA to capture formula results), then apply the formula from PhantomJS Connector in a loop that parses all pages.