Xpathonurl Extract Date from last article

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to extract the published date from each author of a media site, to know how often they publish news on their own page

For instance:

This is what i've been extracting:
Hace 25 minutos

I've been trying to extract the date not the hour.


However, I can't get a date, only an hour: "21:05 hs"

Anything I could do to make it work with this format dd-mm-yyyy?

Try this formula (uses an argument for the XML attribute)
=XPathOnUrl(A1;"//time[@class='news__date x-ago']";"data-x")

From here, you could use left(x;10) to get only yyyy-mm-dd.

Thanks a lot, it works.

=left(XPathOnUrl(B5,"//time[@class='news__date x-ago']","data-x"),"10")

is there a way to only get one date per URL:

Thanks a lot.

Yes, add "@" at the beginning of each formula: