Xpath Dump with substring-after


Hi to all, hi have a problem:

I want dump part of text after one specific word.
The problem is one cell of excel contain max 32,767 char,
So is impossible for me grab entire description and extract part of text with excel formula because the text after dump is cut by excel.

So i search in google and i see a special formula for xpath called: substring-after
example is here:


So i need extract for example from here:


The description parts: //*[@class="rte"]
But i need extract the text after the word: "Applicazioni:"

Some idea for apply this formula "substring-after" in this tool for excel?



I don't believe substring-after is supported by the XPath integration used in SeoTools. However, perhaps you can use RegexpFind to get the substring before it reaches the cell?



Yes i tryed and that work.. but don't work when what u dump in the cell is over 32,767 char.. and the text u need is near the end lmao :smile:


Can't you use a regex to extract the final part of the string? So it doesn't exceed 32K chars.


This does not appear to be close to 32K chars, or am I missing something? :slight_smile: