Xpath contains doesn't work - what i'm doing wrong?

I'm trying to match a line on querying of BuiltWith through XpathOnUrl and miserably fail.

My query is:

=Dump(XPathOnUrl("https://api.builtwith.com/v12/api.xml?KEY=123&LOOKUP=allrecht.de";"//Technology[contains(string(), 'Consent')]"))

There should be exactly one match - but it doesn't work for me.

I share my API key if needed.

Perhaps try with all lower case XPath strings

no, doesn't work, already tried.

Try this Xpath, works for me:

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yes, this takes the whole node Technology. I finally need two fields from it - Description and Link - not in the same cell, but i need to be able to match them.

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Thank you! I think i was trying this way, but it doesn't work for me - anyway now it works.

BTW: It look that XPath matching with contains is case sensitive. Do you know any other way to do make this matching case insensitive without this hack?

No unfortunately not, remember being annoyed about it a while back!