Webexception error while using =downloadfile

why do I get this error :
web exception /an exception occurred during a webclient request
while using command (=downloadmedia).

I am so appreciated for creating this wonderful Add-in.

Can you post the link to the file you're trying to download?

Thanks for prompt response.
I am a bit confused now. The Error has changed to argument exception/ illegal characters in paths.

I had no issues downloading the file. Have you tried resetting Global HTTP Settings?

No, Could you explain how to reset?
Is it possible to send my excel file?

Then click Reset in upper right corner.

unfortunately, it didn't work.

Thank you so much my friend. :pray: :pray:
it seems to be the blank spaces in the name.

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Same issue for mine as well if some one knows the trick how to solve please Do let me know

Can you provide the URL?


This is the Url @diskborste

Check If you can Help me

Works for me, perhaps it's not related to DownloadFile but rather your network blocking the requests. What happens with =HttpStatus for same URL?

@fahad_khans this issue is releated to name of file you are trying to store try changing name.

Hi there - I've been getting similar issues, and when I try "=HttpStatus" it also shows the same webexception too many requests error. The funny thing is when I retry the same url again, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Any clue what's going on? Thanks in advance!

Sounds as if the server has throttling protection against scraping/too many requests. You can try this function after selecting the range with cell errors: