Web Vitals Connector

Hey, Victor & Niels.

Any chance you'll be building a connector (or new functions) to get metrics from the new Web Vitals? May 2021 is going to come fast, so it would be great to have this soon in order to be proactive for the upcoming Page Experience algo update!

  • https://searchengineland.com/google-page-experience-update-to-launch-in-may-2021-343581
  • https://web.dev/vitals/

-Tim W.


Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a no-brainer addition :slight_smile: Do you know when the new data will become available?

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The data is already available via Google's Chrome User Experience Report. It's comprised of PageSpeed Insights data from live users (those who have opted in to share such data), so it's aggregated across thousands of users, and is stored in a Google BigQuery database.

If you follow the link above, it documents all the key metrics that are available (with links to full explanations of each), as well as how to access the data. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to research the details, but I suspect your brain will light up immediately when you start reading. :slight_smile:

I started this topic by requesting a new Connector and / or new functions. However, you might simply be able to update the PageSpeed Insights Connector, because I understand the Web Vitals metrics are now part of that. The specific Web Vitals metrics I'm most interested in are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). It's my understanding that these are going to be important pillars to the upcoming Page Experience update to Google's core algo that's coming in May 2021.

Hope this helps! As always, thanks for such a great product and for all your help!

-Tim W.

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Hi, Victor. I was just wondering if you think you'll be able to create this connector? The core algorithm is due to be updated in May to consider web vitals, so this would be very helpful to SEOs who are doing this kind of analysis beforehand. Thanks!

Please disregard this request. I just discovered your connector for Chrome UX Report, which covers the Web Vitals metrics. Thanks!