Very expensive bug in Sistrix connector

Affected is domain.overview query type.

Independently of how many metrics are queried in fact (checked in the sidebar settings) any query costs 5 credits - like all metrics would be queried.

Look at screenshots:

Sidebar settings - you see, only search visibility is checked and queried, one from five possible metrics.

And this is how looks my API usage report - 5 credits à query... MY WHOLE WEEK BUDGET IS GONE, crycry...

This is Sistrix's documentation about credit's usage at domain.overview query - five possile metrics - one credit à metric. And despite i queried in fact and checked only one metric, all were queried.

Thank you for bringing this up. I wasn't aware that each field costs extra credits. However, it doesn't appear possible to specify which fields to include in the API request based on the selected fields in the connector. Do you know if this is possible?

Yes you can easily query each single part of domain.overview without other parts - see

I mean the kind, how this setting appears in the Sistrix connector is absolutely OK - but it just doesn't work. Instead to query only checked metric, the checkbox setting isn't appied, and instead of query the metric, which was checked, Connector queries everything :frowning:

Many api:s provide the option of specifying which field to include in the response which would be better in this case instead of having to make two or more separate requests.

The field selection in Seotools connectors is mainly used to filter what fields to return. This is the first time I've seen such a setup where each item in the response costs credits and it's not possible to edit which item to request (unless making several separate requests).

I suppose, we have here to deal with six kinds of query, where the first, domain.overview, contains the other five.

We can query domain.overview, like with$key& - as result of this single request we get all five metrics:

  • domain.sichtbarkeit,
  • domain.pages,
  • domain.age,
  • domain.kwcount.seo,
  • domain.kwcount.sem.

And, we can query each metric by its own, like i.e.$key& In this case we get as response only one metric, which we queried.

I think, the connector should select what to query on the following way:

If Domain Overview is selected as query type, this shouldn't mean, Connector starts a query of the type domain-overview.

It should just mean, we have possibilities to select queries from this query type.

The query from the type domain-overview should be started exactly in the one case, namely under following circumstances:

  1. Domain Overview is selected as query type
  2. ALL fields checkboxes are checked

In any other case Connector should send as much queries à row as much checkboxes were checked by user.

Means: if i check Sichtbarkeitsindex and Pages and want to check certain domain, Connector sends two queries:




You are absolutely right, the way to request multiple metrics with single query would be time and traffic-saving.

But the Sistrix API has no possibility to define inside of generalized query (domain.overview), which parts of it should become response part.

Yeah, problem is, Seotools connectors are not built to make background requests based on which fields are selected. Would be possible to build, but haven't seen any use-case until now. Will review this, might offer other possibilities as well, any idea of how this can be used for other connectors?

Make it simple. It would be a nice gimmick, to be able to run multiple queries at once - but if not, than nevertheless OK.

Make maybe all these options selectable only one by one: either domain.overview with 5 credits and five metrics, OR each of metrics, containing in domain.overview at once.

Or perhaps have all as separate views? The sichtbarkeitsindex have other parameters such as Date which is not included if you get it via Overview.

Absolutely OK: more simplicity - less bugs .

I will test a new method which makes requests based on selected fields. Can I send you a beta for testing? Making sure less credits are spent in your Sistrix account etc.

sure, send it.