VBA to wait for ahrefs metrics get pulled before moving on


Hi All,
I use a VBA to automate some repetitive tasks, including pulling domain metrics from ahrefs.
Pulling the data from ahrefs for many domains takes time however, and I'd like VBA to wait for it to finish before moving on to the other sub-tasks I specified in the macro.

Anyone had a similar problem or has any idea?


Yes, you can disable async in the SeotoolsSettings.xml file which makes VBA able to capture responses from SeoTools requests:

For example, like this:

 Dim arrContent() As Variant
 arrContent = Application.Run("Connector", "Twitter.TweetsLookup", Inputs, False, "Url,Id,Text,Type,Retweets,Likes,PhotoUrl,Followers,Location,Bio,Avatar,Source", True)

Or this way:

 Dim arrContent() As Variant
 arrContent = Evaluate("=Connector(""Facebook.URLEngagement"",ref,""Shares,Comments,Reactions"",TRUE)")
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Thank you, just what I needed!