Using the Scrapingbee connector formula returns no result

Hi there

The Scrapingbee connector xpath formula returns only a blank result for me

e.g the formula below returns a blank result


If I use the same connector to output values instead of a formula, it works ok and gives me the result below, so I know my api key is working correctly.


How should I change the formula attributes to get it working?

The parameters I used here are

Select view: Xpath
Xpath: //img
Attribute: src
Premium proxy: none
Javascript rendering off
Wait in ms: 0
[ ] Values
[x] Formula

Thanks very much


Your formula works fine for me. Do you have the latest SeoTools version?

Yeah I have version

I've turned on the error logs in SeoTools64.xll but can't see any log file being created, is there any other way to troubleshoot?

I tried an install on a different machine and the formula works now. The original machine was running windows through parallels virtualisation so maybe that was causing the issue...

Do you know of any reason why parallels might run into an issue with this connector?


Thanks, I don't think that has any relevance. Perhaps you have different Global HTTP Settings?

Nah Global Https settings are the same. Weird