Twitter Connector — Recent "Failure OAuthRequestUri"

Starting this week, I'm receiving this notification for both Twitter and TwitterV2 connectors:
"Please Login to SeoTools to use Oauth connectors.
Failed to generate OauthRequestUri for Twitter."

Of note:
• SeoTools version 9.7.4.
• All other social media connectors continue to work perfectly.
• The Twitter account in question is fully functional.
• Most importantly, up until around June 10th, 2023, both Twitter connectors were also fully functional and generating the desired results.
I've preemptively reinstalled SeoTools just to double check it's perhaps foremost not an issue on my end.

This is because Twitter has started to charge for API access which affects both Twitter v1 and v2 connectors :frowning: Yesterday, login worked fine but appears today they've removed that as well.

Oki doki. Much appreciated response in also serving to discover it's not a "me" problem.
If you'd be so kind, and notice the issue either resolve itself, get 'de-clogged", or if there's some sort of a SEOTools workaround — please consider updating the thread with a notice.

I've observed other users encountering the same (as I understand it, presently universal Twitter) problem, and I'm certain we'd appreciate a potential issue-development note.

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I confirm yes, it was working fine on June 10th, the last time I used it.
What will you do now with your service Twitter from SeoTools? Which by the way I paid for just recently and even 2 times thinking I was wrong until I discover this!

Either you find a solution or you say clearly to the users to not use it!

Unfortunately, we can't remove connectors from existing local installments of SeoTools. We plan to release a new version shortly without Twitter connnectors included.