Twitch - User Lookup and User Followers blank/error


Hello everyone,

I'm new on Seo and thought it could be a nice Tool.

Running Seo with Excel 365
Latest Version of Seo is installed
Added Twitch as connection
Login successful done

First issue:
If I run a User Followers the following error appears:
Missing required parameters "from_id"
Insert values failed

Second issue:
If I run a User Lookup as blank or with my usder id, the result is always blank for all fields.

Do I need to add and auth/id/login somewhere?

Thanks for help


It is only these two that are returning errors or is it all functions within the Twitch connector?

Can you post a print screen of the settings when you try the User Followers?


All of the funtions are showing empty results.


Strange! It works for me, also tried with a new second Twitch account.

I recommend you turn on debug mode, then click on Debug:Debug at the bottom to see the actual request and what the "to_id" parameter is.