Try extract text from button without result


anyone can help? please

I need to extracted text "Ingatkan Saya" from green button on that url above

I try this xpath //button[@data-testid='pdpBtnNoStock']//span[1]

but didn't get any result. purpose to manage my inventory from out of stock. please help anyone.


That data-testid attribute looks ran[1domly generated. Can you try the following XPath?



still didn't get a result, would you please to give me an example? sorry, I'm not expert

I need to get this word / text "Ingatkan Saya" value result extracted in excel column


I couldn't extract that text. It is generated from javascript so you probably need to extract some other value which creates that button. I translated it and it means "remind me" so some variable like "in store" determines if that button should exist or what the text should be. Check the 'Network' tab in the browser Inspector tools to see all requests made when page loads. Maybe you can use one of these requests to get the necessary data.


I still have no clue how to find variable / alert that can be using, I can only scrape "price" and other except that button titled "ingatkan Saya". because they has 2 different versions of "out of stock" page, using iMacros for same job but it take over 4 hours for 2k urls, compared to "seotools for excel" done in less than 5 minutes for about 2k urls, before the site updated in beta version.

by the way thanks for your answer. :+1:


Perhaps ask someone who understand that language. Difficult to understand the logic and what files/code blocks to look for :slight_smile: