Trello Connector No Longer Working

Sorry for the blast of messages/emails, I'm not sure/where who to contact. Thanks in advance!

Post accepting the privacy concerns, I'm returned a 400 status code with an error message:

"Invalid return_url. Wildcard ("") allowed origins are no longer supported. Contact the developer. See Announcement from Support + How to Fix"*.

They have more information included in their Trello board here.


I've updated the Trello connector, does it work now?

Hi Victor,

I just followed up via email with a separate question but it works! Thanks again, man.

For others whom may also be interested, I was asking if it's possible to query specific data points from the Trello cards like descriptions, attachments, checklists, comments, etc.


See email response, added some new fields to get card description and comment (action) texts.