Too much cells to calculate?


I have a table with 8000 formulas (= dump, etc.) to calculate. (see :

When I wait enough time for the excel file to stop working (10 minutes), there are still some boxes mentioning "value" on which, when I enter and click on "enter", the data appears.
So, my formulas are not all calculated and the number of "calls" seems to produce a bug.

Do you know what I can do? Is it possible to combine the work of excel? Is it possible to increase its treatment capacity? I have a pro surface 2017 with 8GB of RAM for information

Thx thx and thx ^^


Using Seotools formulas which includes Dump in a large Excel table is risky because of recalculation issues.

Can you send me a smaller version of the workbook (say, 20 rows) to and I'll take a look?



Thx ! but my formulas depend on Google Analytics and accounts which I have the rights, you will not be able to see them in action ?

I will sent to you this afternoon, ok :slight_smile:
Thx !


Thats okay, will see the purpose of the formulas :slight_smile:



I just sent the file. Thanks again for this tool and the help of the very good support !



Thank you very much :slight_smile: Replied to your email with suggestions and questions.


Hello :slight_smile:
Thx, I just sent an email with modification (whitout 100 results and Dump), but now formulas are no longer automatically calculated on the entire table.

Thx thx thx :slight_smile: