StockTwits connector User and Ticker (limited number of requests)

Hi Victor,
I had to start a new thread, I'm sorry for the confusion.

This is great! Thank you so much!

However, it gives us 20 latest messages and that's it. I understand that this is their limitation but I could bypass it by being able to specify the year, month and the latest message e.g. where to start the next search. For example: SKTrader1/stock/tsla/stream.json?access_token=xxx&period=2020-02&max=204799708

I made up the message number at the end.

Really grateful and again, thank you in advance!

Sure, happy to help :slight_smile:

The API returns the following error when trying to paginate:
{"error":"requires plus subscription to paginate","status":403}

I have added support to catch this error and warn about it. Also fixed pagination as this endpoint works slightly differently. Do you have a plus account?

Hi again,

All of your updates work flawlessly, I have nothing more to add. Thank you so much again and please know that you are the best!

Taka care

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