Splitting of HttpStatus


Currently HttpStatus writes both of status code and meaning into the same cell, which is personally for me unhandy to work with. Previously i've used to cut the output, paste it into the Notepad++, add the tab after first three signs and paste everything back into Excel, where i get so the numeric status code in one column and status description in the next column.
Then i thought i do the same with an Excel formula - and there begins the magic. There are two formulas for this:

  • =LEFT((HttpStatus(A2)),3) - this gets the numeric status code into the cell
  • =MID((HttpStatus(A2)),5,666) - this gets the status description into the next cell. 666 is just a BIG number to get the whole description (because the description contains the URL and can be very long).

PS: would be very nice to have such checkbox in the settings, like split status code.



That's good feedback. I think this is handled better in the formula itself rather than external checkbox in Http Settings.

How about an optional boolean argument in the HttpStatus formula to extract only the code. For example =HttpStatus(URL,TRUE) which would return 404. Alternatively, an enum parameter to get specific part, either code, description or location header. A third option would be a new function which returns array with all three items. Let me know what you think.


I'm using for url extraction from HttpStatus (if redirects) some formula, like

  • =MID((HttpStatus(A1)),FIND("http",(HttpStatus(A1))),666) - for absolute urls
  • =MID((HttpStatus(A1)),FIND("/",(HttpStatus(A1))),666) - for relative urls

From my point of view (i do it VERY often) it worth to add a possibility to write into two cells:

  • first: status code as number,
  • second (if concerns): redirect target url...

You know, the target url of a redirect delivers not always 200, it can be redirected again and again - thats why i need always check the status code of the redirect target url.


Would love to have the status code and the description split as well. Specially the location in 301 redirects would be nice to be able to have in a field of its own.


absolutely agreed with this.