Splitting data by month | Facebook & YouTube



I'm not sure if this thread has its place in the support channel or in another one, please move it if I'm in the innapropriate section.

Here is what I would like to do : select the date of my metrics in a "year to date" or "this year" format while splitting them by month.

It's actually working on Google analytics thank to the ga:month or ga:yearmonth dimension but on different tools such as Facebook Insights or YouTube Analytics it's either impossible to generate a search on a full year, or impossible to split by month. (On Facebook, we have both issues).

Is this problem known? Is it going to be fixed at some point?

Please tell me if you need more details.



Hi Thomas,

It is not a problem that can be fixed because that is the way the Facebook/Youtube API:s works. For some metrics such as impressions, it is possible to calculate manually by extracting a period and splitting it by sums of smaller periods. However, for unique impressions, where sum would be incorrect because of duplicates, it is not possible. Facebook offers 28 day increments but that won't get you whole months.

Also, in the next version of Seotools, we have improved the Facebook Insights connector so you can extract whatever period you want (previously limited to 90 days I believe).


Hi Victor, thank you for these details.