SpinText + concatenation



I have a few hundred meta descriptions that I'd like to nest with certain CTA's in the end. Tried spintext but it doesn't dump more than 7,8 values and I have to concatenate across 300 meta descriptions.

Is there any way to nest spintext within a concatenate function and create a loop to change the CTA's across different meta descriptions?

Please suggest!


Not exactly sure what you want to accomplish but perhaps you can do it like this?


Thanks for your response.

I am trying to concatenate some call to actions to a bunch of meta descriptions but wish to spin them.

Does it make sense?


Do you want to spin the five different CTA strings into he Meta descriptions? I don't see why it's not possible using the SpinText formula


I am using the below:

=Dump(SpinText("{" & StringJoin(A1:A100;"|") & "}" & " Buy Now | Checkout | Click Here | Find us | Add to Wishlist | In Store | Purchase Today! "; 1000))

throwing me value error. I guess i am not using the correct syntax?


One more issue with the function above is that it rotates the descriptions too which means I can end up with irrelevant descriptions for pages. I wish to keep the same descriptions but only shuffle the CTA's.


I think you need to include "{ }" around the CTA stuff in your formula.


No sure what you mean. If you don't want to rotate descriptions, then simply reference a single description?


I am ending up with this result?


If you see the values in row 2 they don't correspond to each other. meta description 1 has to get the CTA and same with meta 2.

I would like to keep the same description against each cell but only spin the CTA's next to them.


=SpinText(A2&SpinText(" {"&StringJoin($B$2:$B$6;"|")&"}";1))

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