SpinText & Array Output


Thanks for such a useful plugin.

What I have done:
Copied your example, selected an array which is 70 rows deep

What Happens:
Only two or three rows spin, then the rest of the rows repeat the same text.

What I need:
A full array of spun texts that will then become tweets (twitter requires unique content).

I don't understand:
a) why the spintext repeats and doesn't fill a full array with line after line of beautiful tweet material


In the spintext example there is a "4" at the end of the string, what is that for?

SpinText(string spinText, [int alternatives, bool notRandom]) : array

Spins texts like {Niels|Nisse} is a SEO {n00b|expert}. Returns an array of spun texts.


Can you give me an example of your "SpinText" input?

Try to use Dump or Resize for outputting the array.

The randomness of the SpinText (it's randomly selecting nodes; something I need to fix) isn't that good it's better to retrieve all combinations.

The number mean number of combinations to retrieve.


This is the sort of set up (not the exact words), but you get the idea.

Unsure how DUMP or the RESIZE work....however, example:


The aim is to create a spun XLS that can be uploaded to BulkBuffer for despatch via Buffer.

I wish Seo Tools had a way to create 100s of tweets AND most importantly Schedule them via Twiiter :smile:



Note that you example will only produce 7 permutations.


I am trying to concatenate 2 different cells and then run spin text with the below function:

=CONCAT(N2;" - ";P2;" - ";SpinText(" {"&StringJoin("";"|")&"}""{ example 1 | example 2 | example 3 | example 4 | example 6} ";10))

but i am ending up with a result of concatenation of all examples in one cell whereas i would prefer them to shuffle from one cell to another.

any help on fixing the above function please?



I don't understand the purpose of the StringJoin function, why are you using an empty string as input?



I just copied it from existing function that was working. Do you have any suggestions to what to remove the above function to get desired results? I am still ending up with concatenation of all examples despite of removing your suggested string.


Can you send me an example file and show what your desired results should look like? I have no idea what you mean to be honest :slight_smile:



I would like to concatenate values in column D and E and then shuffle some random CTA's on it to generate some meta data.

I hope you can help like you've always done :slight_smile:


=B2 & " " & " " & C2 & " " & SpinText("{" & StringJoin($F$2:$F$6;"|") & "}")

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I just needed the 2nd part SpinText("{" & StringJoin($F$2:$F$6;"|") & "}")

and it works with my existing function.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

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