Spider - Avoid Session ID in URL


Hi Diskborste,

thanks again - this is right, i do need all stuff left of the parameter, so the UrlProperty.Domain is not working for this matter.

Right: would work if I do it manually, but would even be better to do it already by inserting into the table!

best regards


Yes, this should be possible using the UrlProperty and "left" property like this:

However the left property is missing from the Spider. Will add this to the backlog.

You can use the domain property but I guess you want everything before the parameters? Another alternative is to output all URL:s, then use the =UrlProperty(url,"left") function manually.


Hi Diskborste,

you are right: UrlProperty.Domain will not work because I will only get back the URL itself, not all the stuff left oft the parameter.

Manually it would work as well, but the best would be to get this functionality (left) in one of the future releases, so that it is unnecessary to do the manual work.