Span data-bind from inside capture the value


I want to scrape the value of 649.91 from the code below, but somehow I could not.
You can see other codes in the appendix. Thanks for your help.

I use Xpath:

//*/ div[3]/section[1]/div[4]/div/div[4]/div[1]/div[2]/div/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/span
but result ""





The XPath should be:

If you can link to the actual page it will be easier :slight_smile:


Hi diskborste :slight_smile:

//div[class='extra-discount-price']/span not work. this screenshot home page. Can you see below my link

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Hi diskborste,
Can you hear me :slight_smile:


Try this regex (might be easier to extract the price) instead of looking for the discount which appears to be generated with javascript.



Thank you very much diskborste. This path working

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