Solved: Installer installs into wrong folder, after installation no STFE ribbon


STFE Version: SeoTools_v8.0.70.0_20181101
OS/Office: Win7x64, Office 365 Business, Version 1810 (Build 11001.20108)

As in the topic title:

  • The installer installs STFE into /program files (x86)/, instead of /program files/, as predestined for x64 software,
  • After installation is succeeded (proceeded without error alerts) and Excel starts by installer, STFE isn't present in the Excel's ribbon.
  • The add-on entry is, however, in his expected place (displayed under "options→add-ons").

Can you try and go to the Add-ins menu, then simply click Ok and restart Excel. Excel sometimes runs a virus-scan when new add-ins are identified and this hides them temporarily.

The installer installs in Program files (x86) regardless of version.


This is an example of the usual daily IT magic.

I've installed all versions of STFE i have, from the current down. No version worked with the same symptoms, until 8.0.29 - this version worked.

After i decided i'll continue working with 8.0.29 i got your message and thought, well, i know now, which version is 100% working, lets try your advice, i have nothing to loose.

So i've installed the current 8.0.70 upon 8.0.29 - and look at this: it is working like expected, without going into add-ons management or any other kind of voodoo raindancing. Bug? Feature? Magic?