Solved: Get Impressions from GSC to the given keywords


I'm trying to get impressions from the GSC and fail on it...:frowning:

The formula from STFE, which gives keywords too, is

I try to modify it like
=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2017-01-01";"2017-12-31";;"web";10;0;"A1,Impressions";WAHR)), where in A1 is my keyword i want to get impressions - but it doesnt work...

Could somebody point me to the right formula?


Hi, you need to use a filter expression to set query equals a specific keyword:
=Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2017-01-01";"2017-12-31";"query==" & B4;"web";"Impressions";TRUE;1000)


I noticed a small bug in the Connector so I've updated the code and you can update it via the Manager.


Hi. Thanks for getting back, but the formula doesn't work after update:

  • If i use it with spaces before and after & i get just #VALUE.
  • if i use it without spaces i get #VALUEor an error with RuntimeBinderException


Can you try and create the formula by using the "Insert as formula" option? Does it work if you use the filter "query==foo"?


Thank you! Now it goes:

=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2017-01-01";"2017-12-31";"query==" & A2;"web";"Impressions";WAHR;1))


Great! :slight_smile: Perhaps it was the "TRUE"/"WAHR" argument that messed it up?


Could be true... Always forget about formula translation - german Office issues some special limitations: english comma to german semicolon, localized formula operators - pretty enough to go crazy :slight_smile: