Skip empty cells when inputting data


Hello, Is it possible to skip any empty for a range that i have input from facebook insights, video lookup in video id field ?

I'm trying to take the postid from facebook insights "posts from page feed" and input it into facebook insights "video lookup", video id automatically without having to change the range everytime.

I get the following error:


Not sure what you mean, can you post a print screen of the entire worksheet?

Anyway, how about just checking if the cell is empty in the formula? =if(len(cell>0),...


Hi Victor,

  1. I find all the posts, posts from page feed

  2. Then I take the postId from above and passed it into video lookup

Now I wanted to include a larger range of cells. The intent is to minimise the changing of cell range in the future when I refresh the data, which can get laborious for many accounts. So I changed B2:B100 to B2:B200
However, for cells B101 and onwards, it is empty currently, so I will get this error


Are you doing this within the same workbook?


Yes, within same workbook


Yes, realized the reference changes syntax when the workbook is saved. I have tested and can't reproduce your issue. Are you using SeoTools 9.3+? If not, I would test with an newer version.