Sistrix Connectors searches in the basic keyword set


If using =Dump(Connector("Sistrix.DomainOverview";B3;"domain";"de";"KwCountSeo";TRUE)) the search runs in the basic keyword set. To search in the extended keyword set, there should be an additional API parameter extended=true, like i do it with XpathOnUrl:

For me its enough XpathOnUrl - maybe someone will need extended keyword set...


Thanks, great suggestion! I've added it and updated Sistrix. Can you test and see if it works? I don't have access to Sistrix and also not sure which API endpoints support the extended parameter.


Great! It works!
But, however, it gets now the data always from extended database - the checkbox Extended Database seems to be without function. Or am i affected by a kind of caching issue?


Can you try now? Made a small update


Now both cases are working: unchecked == basic database, checked ==extended database.
Really great!