Sistrix connector gets connection Error to Host


Hi, i get a response error, when i try to scrape the searchvisibilityindex value for domains.

Do i something wrong or is current a bug with the host?

Thanks for response and best regards




The Config behind this response:



This is a translate of the Error Response:

A connection attempt failed because the remote station did not respond properly after a certain amount of time, or the connection that was made failed because the connected host did not respond


Never seen that error before. Can you send me your API to I can't debug without access.


i will send you! Best regards....


Hi, sorry for my late response. I canĀ“t send the API Key, after i spoke with the account owner. But i make a update to 8.0 and the bug is solved.

So thanks for the support and best regards,


P.S.: Nice Easter holiday!

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