Sistrix API error

Hi, I get this error message. Can anybody help?sistrixerror

Seems like you are getting many weird errors. This also works:

Can you take a print screen of your "About" page in the SeoTools main menu? Like this:

Here we goseotoolsabout

Thank you, nothing wrong there. Is it only Visibility Index or all Sistrix functions which returns errors? Also, just in case, can you look in the Manager and see if Sistrix has an available update?

Here the Same...

Yes, Sistrix made an Update before a few weeks...

How can i fix it?

Can you try a clean install with this version? Should contain the latest Sistrix code:

Doesn´t work neither. But I guess it´s more a general Problem, as most of the connectors don´t worksistrixnew2hunteramazonnew


Weird. Can you send me a print screen of the about window (to verify the latest version of Seotools) and the seotools.config.xml file? If you click on the file in the About window you will be taken to the location.