Setting-up proxies with connector "Googlesearch"



Am getting bonkers as I can't seem to make the proxies I have purchased work with SeoTools! :frowning_face:

I did set-them up properly in BOTH the settings/globalhttpsettings AND httpsettings...

But the first format doesn't work - still getting #null errors from Google! :frowning:

And I can't find for the life of me AN Y explanation ANYWHERE on how to use xphatonurl (IF it is the right formula to use) and connector google search! :frowning:

Wasted already several hours - so hoping someone can point me to the right way of setting this up...

And would ALSO BE AWESOME if the "user manual" was more than just a half A4 page - not everyone is a pro! :slight_smile:





The proxies you set in Global HTTP Settings should be active when you use the Google Search connector. This is unrelated to the HTTP Settings used in XPathOnUrl formula.

Does it work without proxies? Another user had a similar issue and it turned out the firewall blocked all attempts to go via proxy.

Also, you are 100% correct in the poor documentation. This will be top priority once the new release is out (very soon). Will continue to expand the Github Wiki and writing good guides for common situations like these.


So - I tested the settings. They work (able to fetch other data using the HTTP settings, including Google Search Console!). I have also totally disabled the firewall and re enabled it - no difference
So - either that connector (google search) doesn't work or screws-up randomly. OR that doesn't support retrieving competition OR...
Going bananaes over this and wasted such an amount of time! :frowning:
ALSO - can't update the connectors : "manage" doesn't work either (am getting a EXCEPTION "error on getting versions | unexpected error" !!! :frowning:
Is there a way I can profile the connection / interaction between SEOTOOLS and the outside world?
(AND YES - I have reinstalled the tool and using latest version 8.0.90 :slight_smile: )


Hi again,

Does the Manager work without proxies? This was the behavior of the client case mentioned above - the Manager request also failed. Are you on a company network? Might be other layers blocking your proxy attempts.

Also, can you post a picture of the "About" window?