Set up Error for Free Trial


I'm trying to install the free trial but getting following: "SeoTools for Excel setup ended prematurely because of an error....." Re-tried for several times, also rebooted the computer. Installing on a brandnew laptop with windows 10. Any advice how to fix this? Thanks in advance. Daniela


Do you have latest version of .Net installed? Also, did you run the installer as an admin?


Yes, i have the latest version (tried do download but said, newest version already installed). And yes, I'm admin. Any other idea?


Not sure, can you post a print screen of the Add-Ins tab in Excel Settings? Like this:

Also, I can debug your computer via Teamviewer. Let me know if that works for you,


I'll post the Excel Seetings later that day (not near my computer now)
Teamviewer would be an option too