Seperate Blogs and Backlinks website URLs


Hi All,

I have list of website URLs which are backlinks and blogs. I saved all the URLs in the excel sheet.
I am manually going to each website and to find out the word "Register" or "Sign up" and filter those as seperate backlinks.

Do we have any options to do this automatically?
Like it has to navigate to each website and search this word and result should be updated in excel with status.

I am new to this automation. Please help.


You can use the CheckBacklink function like this:

Alternatively, this should work do test if one of the two texts exists:


Thank you, As per my understanding one is target domain and what would be the value for "https://mydomain*"


mydomain is the target domain (allows asterisk for partial matching. A2 is the source domain you check for backlinks to the target.