SeoTools v6: Faster, more stable and no ads!

We've been working on SeoTools 6.0 for quite a while and there's a lot of new updates. This is probably the largest update we've ever released!

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Awesome update
And thank you for eliminating the extra book that opened and the startup nag screen.

I don't do SEO at all
I only use XPathOnUrl to scrape my suppliers web sites for current prices on items I purchase from them.

I would purchase the PRO version if you had a limited package for XPathOnUrl usage only
And a much lower price reflecting that restricted usage of XPathOnUrl
Thank You

Ok, I can no longer use SEO Tools for my XpathonUrl vendor price checks

It says Http requires pro

Why did you do that?

I only use Xpathonurl once in a while to check prices on my vendors web site
I am not going to pay $84 for just that feature

Why don't you offer a limited function at a lower price for Xpathonurl?

I guess i now have to uninstall Seo tools if I can't use it any more