SEMrush.OrganicResults returns #VALUE!

Hi there,

I tried to pull the Organic Results out of the SemRush API with the following command, but in return I always get a #VALUE! error. Is there something that I am doing wrong?



I just had a look into the API documentation. When using the Request example in the browser, everything works fine on my end.

Could it be that there is some slight error in the XML file?,Ur&phrase=seo&database=us

Hi Max,

Is this true for all endpoints in the SEMRush connector or specifically related to 'Domain Overview'?

Specifically related to "OrganicResults".

Hi Max,

The query looks correct. All the same parameters as the one you provided. Emailed you about further debugging.

Problem got resolved. I had to insert a date that was minimum a week before the actual date.

Have you tried updating the Semrush connector from the Manager? I believe this issue has been solved.

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