Scraping Instagram with XPathOnUrl



I'm a new user. I'm trying to scrap Instagram data with XPathOnUrl. But I got only blank cells

Example page :

The XPath I use :

  • Account Name : /html/body/div[1]/section/main/div/div/article/header/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/a
  • Views Number : /html/body/div[1]/section/main/div/div/article/div[2]/section[2]/div/span/span

Did I miss something ?



Instagram is tricky but works to scrape using RegexpFindOnUrl. I recommend trying the Instagram Scraper connector which is built upon this. Supports both account and post lookup. Available via the Manager. Or you can getlatest Seotools build which has latest version of the connctor.


Thanks !