Scrape URL with anchor text?

Hi !
I want to scrape URLs with a specific anchortext from pages...
What I mean by that: In Cell A1 I have "Anchortext" and in B1 I want to have the URL with that anchortext from the page.
Is this possible?

Something like this should do the trick:

Hmm, does not work for me. Can you copy & paste the formula here ?

What I want to do is to scrape the author profiles out of a list of article URLs:

Link to example sheet with the first formula:

The author profiles can be extracted with the following xpath:

Thanks ! Works perfect !
By the way, an off topic question: Is it possible to scrape the author URL without having the anchor text?

="" & @XPathOnUrl(A1;"//a[contains(@href,'/journalists')]";"href")

Looks great. But does it work with the root domain or with the article URL as well?
I want only the author URL from this article (Andy Gregory)

Each domain probably requires a different XPath because of different HTML. I recommend right clicking and inspecting, then construct the XPath after the DOM:

Well, most of the URLs have "author" in it.
But did I understand wrong your formula?

Try removing the "@" sign here, it requires Excel 365:

Hmm I get the same

The "@" character is still in your formula

Sorry, wrong screenshot...

By the way. What should be in A1 ? The root domain or the article URL?

Article URL, attached workbook:

oh, this is awesome, thanks.
But one quick question:
I get this:

Two URLs and a different author (not Sara Ledo)
The formula is:
=C32 &@XPathOnUrl(B32;"//a[contains(@href,'/autor')]";"href")

You'll get the first matching link that matches the xpath criteria. Sara Ledo doesn't have a link and that's why you get a different author.